Name Brand vs. Third Party Networking Components: What’s the Difference?

You may have a name brand router and a name brand network switch, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy name brand networking components!

Did you know? The only differences between MSA compliant 3rd party optical networking components, like those manufactured by FluxLight, and the components you get from name brand suppliers are the label and the price.

Question: So why do name brand transceivers, cables and media converters cost so much more?

Answer:   You are paying for the name.

All fiber optic transceivers, cables and media converters have established Multi-Source Agreements (MSAs). These MSAs clearly define how fiber optic networking equipment is to function and establish de facto manufacturing standards that ensure networking components developed by different manufacturers are interoperable. You can learn more about MSAs in this blog post.

As long as a manufacturer adheres to MSA guidelines, their optical networking components will function and operate identically to any other manufacturer’s MSA-compliant components. That means, for example, FluxLight’s 100% MSA compliant GLX-SX-MM transceiver will function identically to a Cisco brand GLX-SX-MM transceiver and will be 100% compatible with Cisco networking equipment.

Manufacturers of third party fiber optic networking equipment utilize the same high quality materials as name brand manufacturers and program their equipment with the exact same code. All of FluxLight’s fiber optic networking components are tested for 100% functionality and OEM compatibility prior to shipment.

In addition, many name brand vendors outsource the manufacturing of their OEM components to the exact same contract manufacturers used by third party vendors. So the source, quality, parts, and programming are exactly the same – only the labels and cost to the consumer are different!

Why pay more for a name, when you can get the same high-quality, MSA compliant, 100% OEM compatible networking components from FluxLight for a fraction of the cost?

Checkout this video to learn more about how we compare to name brand vendors:

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