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What You Need to Know about Optical Transceiver Operating Temperature

Operating temperature is a crucial parameter that needs consideration when designing, purchasing, and deploying optical fiber transceivers. In this post, … More

Fiber Optic Network

Tips on Planning a Fiber Optic Network to Maximize ROI

As the demand for bandwidth-intensive applications and services continues to grow, many organizations are turning to fiber optic networks to … More

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How to Speed Up Your Fiber Network Deployment

Fiber optic networks bring many advantages compared to traditional copper-based networks. However, deployment of fiber optic networks can be time-consuming … More

QSFP-100G-SM-SR Application

FluxLight QSFP-100G-SM-SR Application: 100G Spine-Leaf Interconnect

This application note describes the use of 100GBASE-CWDM4 links between leaft EOR/TOR switches and a larger data center Spine switches. … More

FluxLight GLC-SX-MMD Application: 1Gbps Switch Interconnect with DDM

FluxLight GLC-SX-MMD Application: 1Gbps Switch Interconnect with DDM

This application note describes the use of 1000BASE-SX links between small edge/access switches and a larger core/spine switch. This note … More

1000BASE-T Optical Transceiver Application

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES SERIES: FluxLight 1000BASE-T Optical Transceiver Application

CONNECTING AT 1G OVER CAT5e Many network appliances, workstations and other endpoint gear include 1Gbps Ethernet ports. For most such … More

10GBASE-T Cisco 34180YC Cisco UCS C460

DATA CENTER SERIES: FluxLight SFP-10G-T Transceiver Application

Cisco Nexus 34180YC to Cisco UCS C460 There are many ways of connecting a Top of Rack (ToR) leaf switch … More

10GBASE-LRM over existing FDDI Fiber

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES SERIES: FluxLight 10GBASE-LRM Optical Transceiver Application

CONNECTING AT 10G OVER OLD FDDI FIBER So here is the situation, you have an existing switch in your main … More

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: FluxLight 40GBASE-SR-BD Optical Transceiver Application

Upgrading from 10G to 40G Using Existing Fiber This application note presents a use case for a specialized QSFP+ 40G … More

400G Form Factors | QSFP-DD v QSFP

400G Form Factors: QSFP-DD v. OSFP

Two form factors are vying for supremacy in the rapidly developing 400G optical transceiver space, the OSFP and the QSFP-DD. … More