Component Cost Keeping You Down?

Learn How to Grow Your Fiber Optic Network on a Budget

Is the cost of networking components keeping you from expanding? If so, keep reading to learn the number one way to grow your fiber optic network without breaking the bank.

FluxLight asked optical networking professionals to tell us the number one challenge they face when upgrading or expanding their fiber optic equipment. The most frequent answer we received was related to cost – specifically, the expense of purchasing new networking components.

Fighting transmission loss and preventing signal dispersion tied as the second greatest challenges faced in expanding networks, with an inability to find fiber optic adaptors coming in last (see Figure 1, below).

Figure 1: Biggest Network Expansion ChallengeBiggest Network Expansion Challenge

We also asked those same professionals to tell us what would make their jobs easier in the future. The top three most commonly requested items were:

  1. Lower Cost Components
  2. A Greater Variety of Components
  3. Higher Bandwidth Components

Of those professionals who took our survey, nearly 57% said they did not currently use third party networking equipment.

Using Third Party Fiber Optic Networking Equipment is the

#1 Way to Save Money When Expanding Your Fiber Optic Network!

If you need to grow your fiber optic network on a budget, or just enjoy saving money, consider switching to third party fiber optics. Many third party networking equipment suppliers use the exact same manufacturing facilities as name brand suppliers, and offer the exact same quality components. The only difference is the label and the price!

For example, in this price comparison chart, you will see that FluxLight charges just $84 for its SFP-10G-SR transceiver, while a Cisco® reseller charges $691.99 for the exact same transceiver. That’s an 823% markup!

While the savings can be significant, it’s important to ensure that the third party manufacturer you select is producing quality components. Before making a purchase, verify that the equipment you are buying complies with all MSA and other industry standards, is brand new, is tested prior to shipment, and is 100% guaranteed compatible or your money back.

At FluxLight, we offer all of these guarantees to our clients, in addition to a free 30-day product evaluation, free shipping within the United States and discounts for bulk purchases.

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