10GBASE-T RJ45 SFP+ Price Slashed!

10GBASE-T SFP+ Price Cut | FluxLight

For years customers have been waiting for an SFP+ transceiver with a copper RJ45 interface operating at 10Gbps Ethernet. Such parts have been available for many years supporting 1Gbps Ethernet. The 10GBASE-T SFP+ transceivers finally began showing up in mid-2016. The problem was, the average price of these devices was simply too high to be economically viable in most applications. FluxLight is happy to announce that, due to recent manufacturing cost reductions, it is cutting the price of this critical component by more than 75%! These parts are available, in stock for immediate shipment, in versions compatible with most major OEM switches and routers. Shop today at: https://www.fluxlight.com/sfp-10g-t/

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